VIVIPOWERS Handmade Ebony Natural Cinnabar Clavicle Necklace

Material: Fine purple sandalwood Embedded Zambia blood sandalwood (with rope: Japanese wax rope black)

Pendant size: the bottom side is 3cm long, the side length is 4.5cm, and the thickness is 1cm (manual measurement, the error within 2mm)

Rope length: The circumference is about 70-74cm long, and the adjustable range is about 25cm.

Maintenance: Avoid direct sunlight, try not to touch the water, usually wear it regularly, increase the oiliness of the sandalwood to match the owner.

Delivery: Handmade products need to be made, shipped within 2-3 days according to the order quantity.

Note: For handmade products, each one is special, there will not be exactly the same two, the picture is only one of the products made, please do not completely check the picture to request the product.

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